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Sinar Project at RightsCon, Silicon Valley!

RightsCon Silicon Valley is taking place in Mission Bay, San Francisco. Sinar Project team will be participating in this three day convening.




RightsCon is the world's leading event convened around the issues of Internet and human rights, brings together thoughtful leaders, activists, academicians and technologists around the world to exchange thoughts, knowledge, experiences and solutions. This year, RightsCon is taking place in Silicon Valley, at Mission Bay Conference Center, on Wednesday, March 20 to Friday, April 1, 2016 (local time).

Sinar Project will again be participating in this three-day convening and our team is holding a panel discussion session together with  friends from Google and Derechos Digitales. The description of the session are as follows:

TPP: Is trade policy putting Digital Rights at risk?
Friday, April 1, 10:30am - 11:45am (local time) 


In our actual world, trade negotiations are increasingly setting norms on Internet policy issues. This workshop seeks to explore and discuss some of the most relevant questions regarding this topic. 

Are these negotiations reflective of the interests of Internet users as citizens? How do trade agreements impact public policy objectives?

In this aspect, what should trade agreements seek to do in setting global rules and norms to protect an open global Internet and the rights of users, and also promote development?

Some argue there are ways to leverage provisions in trade agreements in support of an open internet and against censorship, filtering, and fragmentation. Is this possible?

Can governments implement or promote new models for trade to reflect the interest of Internet users, after signing agreements like TPP? 

Lastly, how does the TPP actually affect online rights and freedoms?

You can download the full schedule of RightsCon here.

To get live updates on RightsCon (or you have any question), please follow and tweet to RightsCon official Twitter handle - @rightscon , organiser team - @accessnow , or Sinar Project team - @sinarproject 


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