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Open Parliament and Anti-Corruption Second Half 2016 Funds Appeal

We need to raise at least RM240,000 in funds to be able to continue to work on Open Parliament and Anti-Corruption tech, data and research


Current funds raised: RM 0 / 240,000

Sinar Project's key work is in building Popit a free public database that stores information on politically exposed persons including elected representatives, but it also stores in a structured manner legislative, government and government linked company positions and organizations. This public database is important, because it allows developers to build applications that make our government more transparent, whether it's parliamentary representatives, past and present, or linking complicated connections for anti-corruption work.

We are lucky to be able to have had donors help fund development of this for the past few years, but for the second half of this year, we no longer have funding to continue open parliament and anti-corruption open data work for Malaysia. Without funding, we revert back to volunteer work, which is not enough capacity to deal with extracting and analyzing data that the Malaysian government will never provide, to make it easy for Malaysians to know what they're doing. Without funding we're also unable to help develop new researcher and developer talent that is need to deal with complicated corruption issues such as 1MDB, but also dozens of other major corruption scandals that for now, are quietly hidden (but in plain sight with open data). We just need to build the tools to track the people and companies, to match with the data and hold them accountable.

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The funding will help:

  • Fund project/programme officers to be build partnerships and long term funding sources
  • Fund developers especially younger developers to work on civic tech tools and services which are open sourced and always available freely to the Malaysian public
  • Fund innovative ways to make government transparency work in constrained environments such as making data available, or making limited data/information useful
  • Provide support for regional and local partners and initiatives such as other local rights and community NGOs, elected officials and general public with access to these tools and services


It's important to note that all our work whether data, software (including source code) or online public services will always be free for the public to use without restrictions. 


Popit API/DB Development / Maintenance 120,000 36000 Ongoing development of Public Legislative and Politically Exposed Persons Database Malaysia and Regional Beta 2 senior developers or 4 junior developers for 6 months 
Network Graph Visualizations 36,000 0 Public Search and Network Visualizations of all data in Sinar Popit Database Alpha/PoC 1 senior developer for 3 months or 1 junior developer for 6 months
Parliamentary Documents (pardocs) 12,000 12000 Tagging by Parliamentarians linked to Popit, to be linked to MP oversight websites such as MyMP 0.1 1 senior developer for 1 month
Accountable Corruption Website + Popit DB Research 36,000 12000 Upgrade of and data input/research on corruption cases Rewrite needed for upgrade 1 senior developer for 3 months or 1 junior developer for 6 months
Legislative Research (Parliamentarians/DUN as open data) 18,000 0 Import, clean up info for all state legislators  None 3 months for data analyst/developer
Projek Pengawas 18,000 0 Monitoring parliamentarians attendance, votes, actions Ongoing 3-6 months for researcher 
Totals 240,000 60000

How to contribute

Online Donations

Making monetary contributions to Sinar Project is easy. You can make a bank transfer or deposit to the following account.
If you have preference for the funds to go to a specific project, please email us or in online transfer note to let us know. We track funds by project carefully and donors upon request at any time, access to live on-line accounts of those specific projects usually via exist funding instituation financial tracking sheets.

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