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Mapping Corporate Memberships & Posts in Popit

Mapping Corporate Posts in Popit using Popolo standard in Malaysia



Today's quick update is on how we model Posts using Popolo standard. In Popit role is "function".

For transparency reasons, Posts is integral for our persons & organizations database. Here is how we model the structure at 1MDB or a typical company.

Usually there are Board of Directors (usually key shareholders or representatives) and then Management Team (CEO, CFO, CIO) the people who actually run the company. The Board of Directors usually selects the Management team. Sometimes the BoD can also be part of the Management team, and also hold positions in both. Sometimes they don't hold any specific post and simply on a board of directors or advisors.

We didn't get it quite right for our initial entries model of 1MDB, which is why it's good to refer to well defined standards like Popolo.

Arul Kanda is both on the Board of Directors and the Leadership Team, which is their wording for Management team.
Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi is just on the Member of Board of Directors currently.

So in our model:

Arul Kanda is a Member of the Board of Directors (sub-org) of 1MDB (org) with (role) of Director from start date to end date.
Arul Kanda also is a Member of the Management Team (sub-org) of 1MDB (org) holding Post as Group Executive Director (role)  from start date to end date

Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi is a Member of the Board of Directors (sub-org) of 1MDB (org) with role of Director from start date to end date
Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi previously held a Post as Chief Executive Officer (role) on the Management Team (sub-org)  from start date to end date.

We also need to have the start and end dates.

Why is it so important to model this so accurately?

  • Responsibilities are different. Board of Directors decides oversees and selects management team. Management team manages the day to day running of the company.
  • Dates are critical. New CEO is not responsible for actions of the past CEO. A CFO may resign and raise issues of irregularity. How many positions is somebody holding on set of dates, determines conflicts of interests for specific date ranges.

We now have on hand in our database over 4000 politicians and businessmen. As we improve and build on database, we will have an open database where everyone can research who was accountable for problems (or successes), conflicts of interest and map out the web of political and business interests in Malaysia's corridors of power.

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