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Intern's blog: Youth Internet Governance Forum, Taipei

Experience at Youth Internet Governance Forum, Taipei (yIGF)


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Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) is an initiative of Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) for involvement of youth in Internet Governance Forum. The YIGF Programme was organized by Net Mission Asia to get youths to closer to internet governance discussions.

Photo credit: Jianne, yIGF organiser team.

Photo credit: Jianne, yIGF organiser team.

The program was held in Taipei, Taiwan from 27-29 Julai 2016 at the National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center. This multi stakeholder program brings youth from different backgrounds to an open and equal platform for internet governance discussions.

Participation of youth from all over Asia resulted in internet governance discussions that were comprehensive, varied and introduced fresh new ideas. Various new ideas were were conceived when a group of youths get together to sit down and discuss regulation as well as other issues related to cyber space.

Youth demographic groups is one of the Internet's largest  group of users and YIGF event recognizes youth as one of the stakeholders of internet governance. Issues such as cyber bullying, law and human rights in cyber space were issues that were raised often.

At YIGF event, the participation of youth opens up a new dimension in the development of internet policies. Previously, policy discussions were restricted to professionals, government and corporations. Following the multi stakeholder model, internet governance discussions are now more inclusive with the existence of YIGF.

Role Play Discussion

This module was particularly interesting as it involves youths in internet governance discussions. Youth from different backgrounds would role play participants of different interest groups such as civil society, government, private sector and more in internet governance discussions. This simulation made youths think and understand more the different perspectives and helps develop better discussions on internet governance.

This inclusive module helped open a new dimension in contribution and youth perspectives and critical thinking. Even more interesting, the internet governance according to youth perspectives did not end just end there. The results of the discussions will be taken as inputs towards internet governance discussions this year.

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Despite APrIGF and YIGF being separate and different events and programmes, youth were also involved in the main internet governance discussions that involved various stakeholders. The youth that attended YIGF got opportunity to observe representatives from internet content providers such as Facebook, Google, Dot Asia, civil society, non-governmental organizations and government representatives that are involved in policy development discuss internet governance issues.

This is new and will definitely bring different perspectives on how youth will think and discuss about the internet. Youth can also contribute ideas and ask questions in the main APrIGF event. Truly open and inclusive discussions like this were really enabling.

YIGF event is beneficial and should be attended by youth. Discussions on internet governance is important. Inclusive and openness fits with the characteristics of the internet which itself is inclusive, open and free for all to use. Internet at present is now a necessity and internet governance discussions should include people from different backgrounds.

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