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Fostering International Cooperation at OGP ToolBox hackathon 2016

How people collaborate on Civic Software Project regardless of country of origin


We got an opportunity to attend the OGP ToolBox hackathon during the Open Government Partnership(OGP) Summit 2016 in Paris, France. The two day event involved multiple groups from different countries with various project ideas sitting together trying to solve problems. The goals of the hackathon is

  1. Add more tools to the OGP ToolBox
  2. Improve/create solutions, mostly software solution for improving the governance processes.

During the hackathon event we met cargografias, the team have a very good data visualization for displaying data in popolo data standard format. For some time we each have been trying to find ways to collaborate, we finally manage to have an opportunity to do so during hackathon. 

When everyone meet

A little background of our collaboration, both Sinar Project and Cargografias were using Popit from mysociety at one time. During 2016, Mysociety decided to shutdown Popit. Thus Sinar Project developed our own popolo based service, we didn't build a good frontend for it. Cargografias is still using popit from mysociety (which mysociety still run thankfully), so they needed an updated popolo backend. So we decided that we should make our services compatible with each other, thus this is what we achived during the hackathon.

Image of POC

During the hackathon, cargografias developed code to allow better integration with our popit instance. We deployed a testing instance of popit for testing purposes. The idea being we at least have some infra ready for collaboration with test data, so that we can work beyond only just during the hackathon.

While we are working on the integration, we worked on some contributions to Open Identity. We also have connected with fellow memberers of the Follow The Money network. Open Identity ID allow us to work with Open Contracting, joining Follow The Money network will allow us to learn the best practice for us to track people and organizations.

This just the few things we have done, as usual we still have a lot to do, this is just a beginning. Hope to see these initial efforts and collaboration continue to grow.


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