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Censorship Tests Web Service for Malaysia

Sinar Project has setup a website that allows users to check if a website is blocked or not in Malaysia, by running and returning results from servers on different networks, inside and outside Malaysia.


Web service for automated tests on multiple networks was written in response to the announcement that the Malaysian government is now officially blocking political sites.

Our initial version of a suite of tests from multiple servers to give status of whether a website is blocked or censored in Malaysia.

By running tests on servers on multiple networks, users will be able to know quickly whether the problem lies with their local network, whether it's not available everywhere, or just blocked in Malaysia.

We will be adding additional tests such as Deep Packet Inspection type filters as well as add more local ISP networks for more results.

User can check if a particular domain is blocked at the moment by accessing:


Suggestions for improvements & and code contributions welcome:


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