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Call for hardware donations

For a project to help some marginalized communities


 Xbuntu Laptop


We're looking for

  • HP 3-1 scanner/copier/inkjet + some ink any model will do as long as it's functioning and can still get ink supplies for the model (Donor identified!)
  • USB SD/MicroSD Card Readers
  • Any SD/microSD Cards 1GB or larger (collected: 1x1GB SD, 1x2GB SD)
  • power extensions 3/4 socket
  • smartphone you can spare/donate ideally with sdcard, good reception and decent enough camera to capture evidence clearly


This is a small initial project to help the community to digitally archive/share government documents, media and other information to help their cause.

If you would like to know more details on which community this is and how this equipment will be used, or how to drop it off to us at our office, please contact [email protected] or any members of the team directly (PGP ids here


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