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2017 Second Half Funds Appeal

Help support Sinar Project work to keep our civic tech projects and research going for second half of 2017


Current Fund Raising Status
Raised: RM25,154 (Update 21/06/17)

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We were unable to secure institutional or project funding for 2017, except for institutional support from Access Now. As a result we were down to two full time staff for the first half of the year, and may no longer have full time staff for the rest of the year. Our current institutional funding however covers the costs of our Internet hosting and office until the end of the year.

Sinar Project is not shutting down, and our on-line services will continue to be publicly available freely as they have always been since 2011. We will simply operate with reduced capacity subject to available funding. Our physical and online presence in terms of participation at events, substantial inputs and transparency/corruption research, however be significantly reduced if we are not able to work full-time.

Our funds appeal for the second half of the year, is to help keep at least one full time staff, and 2 interns to work on research and ongoing projects. We have only spent about RM300 from the generous membership donations for first half, to cover costs of a CPU cooling fan for a server and a pair of mouse for the office PCs.

Our fundraising goals are broken down as below:

Total:     RM94,000

  • RM 20,000 for YourNextRepresentative implementation in Malaysia before general elections.  Similar to efforts in the UK, and leveraging our existing public API and Database of politicians, this project is to quickly setup a politically neutral website and coordinate submission of information from the public for all candidates. The API/data is public and in addition to our reference website, will also allow others to develop their own general election websites and mobile applications.

  • RM60,000 to keep at least one senior full time staff for day to day administrative & technical operations, partnerships & project proposals, mentoring of interns and some R&D for ongoing projects

  • RM9,000 for two full time interns

  • RM5,000 for Digital Gap research on Internet affordability and access for marginalized communities. This research will allows us to better understand gap and needs to be addressed when it comes to civic tech and digital access.

If additional funds are raised:

  • RM60,000 to add another full time staff

  • Development & maintenance of our existing services such as Popit public API/DB,, Parliamentary Documents, Government Document Archives, censorship monitoring and more

  • Open government and transparency research

How to contribute

  • One time donation

    BANK    Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
    BENEFICIARY    Sinar Project PLT
    ACCOUNT    512307614259

  • Monthly donation via Patreon (from as low as USD1/month) 

  • Sponsorship of services through support subscriptions (for companies) 

  • Funding research/project for existing projects or new projects  related to our goals for better transparency, accessibility of government and protection of digital rights on access to information and freedom of expression and assembly online

  • In-kind hardware donations:
    • pairs of 2/4GB DDR2 desktop memory sticks
    • 1TB or larger hard disk drives
    • 24in or larger monitors (with HDMI port)

For any queries or questions related to this fund raising effort please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or securely [email protected] (PGP ID:  889164CB)


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