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Parliamentary Written Replies

Project to make online, publicly accessible and searchable parliamentary written replies.

Malaysian Parliament website only provides on-line copies of the Hansard which are the transcript of oral questions and answers in Parliament. There is also a wealth of written replies to oral and written questions submitted that are not discussed in parliament. Written answers provide a wealth of information such as crime statistics, government expenditures and other information that are not accessible publicly online.


This project aims to make these documents accessible  and easily searchable online by the public.


To extend an existing open source on-line content management system, to provide extensions to provide PDF document preview, full text search and categorizations.

The system will be developed on Plone, building on the work of the multilingual Wakil Rakyat or Representatives reference platform, by extending it with an add-on to support uploads and categorization of Malaysian Parliamentary replies. It will be multi-user allowing selected curators and researchers to improve metadata categorization and organization of the documents such as topics, dates, keywords and also references to specific ministries and members of parliaments.

Timeline & Costs

Version 0. 2

  • Multilingual support
  • Popit linked tagging of MPs, Ministers, and Ministries
  • Public REST API to query replies by MP. Link to MP on Wakil Rakyat reference platform.


Version 0.1

Now accessible at

  • Splitting script to split documents by questions and answers, batch upload to website.
  • Document preview and full text searching
  • Keyword Tagging
  • Live browsing interface (live results while narrowing search criteria)
  • Single language


Implementing Partners

Supporting MP Office - MP for Serdang

As written replies are only provided to parliamentarians, this project will need the support of at least one MP Office to help provide scanned digital copies. Currently scanned and OCR copies of written parliamentary replies are generously being contributed and uploaded by the team from MP Serdang Office.

Disclaimer: Contribution of MP Serdang office of written Parliamentary replies, does not constitute endorsement or responsibility for the implementation of this project. For any enquiries on this project, please contact Sinar Project at [email protected]


Hosting for rest of 2015, is possible due to the generous support of SEATTI

Open Data Labs, Jakarta - Web Foundation

Hosting for rest of 2016, and API to link to parliamentarians possible due to the generous support of the World Wide Web Foundation.

How to Contribute?


Your support in terms of donation of funds to support this project would help speed up development. You can make a bank transfer or deposit to the following account. Please use [email protected] as contact email and add "Parliamentary Documents or PARDOCS" in the info so we can make sure your donation is used specifically in support of this project.

BANK Malayan Banking Berhad 
ACCOUNT 512307614259

Help Categorize

When the documents are uploaded, we will need help of people to read through and tag parliamentarians and topics.

Contact us

Our team based in Malaysia. We love discussing project ideas and challenges. Drop us a line at 

Parliamentary Documents Website

Browse and search full text of thousands of parliamentary replies and committee documents

Parliamentary Documents