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This project is about to provide a website that brings together information of all representatives at state and parliamentary level, who they are, how to engagement with them and various issues and happenings in their constituency.


In Malaysia, very little is known about the majority of the parliamentarians and state assemblymen. Even basic CVs are not readily available. In order to build a complete picture such as academic and professional background, positions currently held and more, we need to piece together information from a wide variety of reliable sources. Additionally we also need some unique identifiers for persons as well as geographical boundaries for this website and for others to easily glue together information to build governance sites.

Current Wakil Rakyat site uses Malaysian Popit database and API as the backend, reusable multilingual components using Popit API. These reusable components or plugins will initially be for Malaysian site, but should also be reusable to be installed and build parliamentary websites for other countries in different languages. Popit is one implementation based on the Popolo international open data governance specifications.



This is a work in progress as it involves several parts. 

Open Data on Politicians

  • 4000 politicians & political parties imported from past 3 general elections accessible via open api and data
    Next step: Assign politicians to posts in House of Representatives
  • All Voting areas
    Next step: All state and parliamentary boundaries these voting areas belong to.

Website on MP and Representatives  

Other Initiatives

Projek Pengawas

Project to monitor the attendance and participation of Malaysian Members of Parliament. The project will report on experiences and issues faced by the public in attending and participating at the sessions and events when Parliament is in session. Currently basic information such as attendance and written replies are not made available to the public, making manual attendance monitoring. This project will also an outreach programme to get youth to see and observe parliamentary sessions and their MPs in person and through on-line feeds.

Current live notes.

Funding & Support

Initial funding for development of current Popit backed website and data import has been generously provided by Poplus through Poplus grants. The database of people and organizations for Malaysia is hosted by MySociety International, UK.

Clean data on political candidates and parties from the last three general elections in Malaysia, has been generously shared by MalaysiaKini, and is now available via Popit API as open data.


MCCHR LogoMalaysian Centre for Constitution and Human Rights (MCCHR)

Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) is a non-profit based in Kuala Lumpur with the mission of promoting active democratic participation and human rights awareness. Main website used for MCCHR is Loyarburok.


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Our team based in Malaysia. We love discussing project ideas and challenges. Drop us a line at 

Funding & Support

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