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Popit 2.0

PopIt helps you make and maintain information about politicians, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and their memberships in organizations and generates open data to power your project.
  • Avoid tight coupling of app requirements with storage, we do not always know what it could be used for (eg. social media analysis, mobile app, corruption/transparency)
  • Information is hard to come by in countries like Malaysia, the bits and pieces need to be collected, and one may not always be ready in terms of data for specific application immediately.
  • Shared public storage and api is important, not enough capacity to maintain up to date information (stone soup), each project helps contribute towards info that everyone can use, while using only a subset that is important for them. eg.
How Popolo backed database (Popit) can be reused in multiple ways for transparency

MySociety the main developers and host of Malaysia's Popit database will stop development of the original Popit. Sinar Project will therefore be working with their developers, and others to continue development and hosting of this component.

Popit 2.0 implementation

Addresses missing features in current Popit implementation, and strives to implement a generic database, editing/viewing user interface and API or Popolo governance standards.

  • Generic Database implementing Popolo Standards
  • Generic UI for editing this database


Key features

This is our popolo implementation, we aim to implement a few key features

  • Person, Org, Post, Membership entities based on popolo. Other entities will come later.
  • Have good multilingual support as Malaysia uses multiple languages.
  • Implementing extra features without breaking support for Popolo.
  • Strong per field citation support
  • API with support for JSON.
  • Basic admin page for data entry.


To replace the current API to deal with multilingual issues better, and support more Popolo specifications

Popit Database/Storage

A lot of data inconsistency in current MongoDB implementation. Current consideration is to consider replacement with PostgreSQL.

Status - beta
Source code

Beta level API
Malaysian database:
Myanmar database:

Generic Editing and Viewing UI

This user interface is meant for users maintaining the database, to enter and edit information following Popolo standard classes and fields. It is not meant to represent the data in specific manner, other than as per the specification definitions. eg. It does not assume that an organization is a legislative assembly, a committee or company. It will simply present the data as per the Popolo specifications. 

Goal is that a group planning to start adding information for open data governance database, as information is available to them in a flexible manner.

Front-end at usable stage of development.

Financial and Relationship Standards following Popolo principles

Financial and Relationship information following Popolo principles need to develop to be able to store financial information such as funds transfers and ownership between people and organizations.

In discussions.


Popit was meant for people to quickly start adding and building database. It therefore will need to host projects from around the world. who may not have resources to host or deploy their own Popit API and database instance.

Contact us

Our team based in Malaysia. We love discussing project ideas and challenges. Drop us a line at 

Current Funding Status 2017

USD 0/35,000

Planned Updates

  • New API features: Legislative Motions, CVs and Relations + optimizations 
  • Research: Updated Malaysian Parliament and State Assemblies Elected Representatives as Open Data

  • Output: Updated Malaysian MP website

  • Output: Open Hluttaw: Myanmar Parliament and Regional Assemblies as Open Data and Website

  • Output:  Generic Editor for Popit

  • Activity: Regional Developer Workshop on Open Government Data (Transparency Camp Asia)

  • Output: Popolo Standards Online Parliamentary Document Platform (Malaysia Federal and Selangor State, Myanmar)

  • Research Output: White paper on application of Popolo and UK parliamentary data standards for Malaysian Parliament

  • Activity: Assessment and Planning for Myanmar Parliaments Open Data including documents and video

  • Output: Legislative Openness Data/Survey and Recommendations for Myanmar Open Parliament

  • Research Output: White paper on application of Popolo data standards for Myanmar Parliament

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