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Network Graph Visualizations

A project to provide public web service to search and browse network graphs of relationships in our public Popit database


Malaysian open data Popit database of people and organizations can also be visualized to show relationships when imported into a network graph database such as neo4j. A public user friendly user interface will allow the public to explore connections of people and organizations such as party membership and posts held in organizations. With date range and constraints it will also be a useful tool for the public as well as transparency organizations to quickly lookup whether there are possible conflict of interests.


  • Import relationships of people and organizations from Popit database for Malaysia into neo4j database.
  • Write a user friendly web based interface using d3.js visualization libraries to allow users to easily search for people and organizations, to dynamically explore relationships.

Project Leads

  • Khairil Yusof
  • Ng Swee Meng


Total RM60,000

  • Senior developer for 3 months (RM8,000/month)
  • Senior data analyst/researcher for 3 months (RM10,000/month)
  • Hosting and other supporting service costs - RM6000

How to contribute


Contributions funds towards development of this project. Details on the box on the right.


Additional verifiable information especially of posts held by people of interest, their start and end dates of said posts in organizations will be helpful towards improving the public database the visualizations depend on. Email [email protected] to contact us if you would like to share information useful for our network graph.

Contact us

Our team based in Malaysia. We love discussing project ideas and challenges. Drop us a line at 

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Current Status

Raised: RM 50 / 60000
Utilized: RM 0 

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