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Getting Involved

How to help contribute towards OONI network interference and censorship detection in Malaysia

Deploy OONI Probes

Advisory: Running ooniprobe can potentially be a risky activity. This largely depends on the laws and jurisdiction of the country you are running ooniprobe from, as well as on the type of test you are running. Technically, it is possible for a person observing your internet connection to be aware of the fact that you are running ooniprobe. This means that if running network measurement tests is something that is considered to be illegal in your country then you could be spotted. - TOR Project

As far as we know OONI Probe tests don't break any law under CMA, but this has not been legally tested so you are running the probes at your own risk at the moment.

Current Network Coverage

NetworkTypeLocationsNumberASN NetworkNotes
TMNet Unifi Fibre

Subang Jaya / Biz Unifi
Subang Jaya / Unifi



Need more locations
Celcom Mobile Need 3G modem
DiGi Mobile Subang Jaya 1 AS4818 Malaysian test list only due to bandwidth, not regular
uMobile Mobile Need 3G modem
Maxis Fibre Fibre Need Pi probe
Maxis Mobile Broadband Mobile 1

Need 3G modem
Malaysian test list only due to bandwidth

P1 Wimax Mobile Need Pi probe
TuneTalk Mobile

Need 3G modem

Time Fibre

Need Pi probe



1 AS45960

Malaysia test list only, not regular
Need Pi probe

Installing Probes

Raspberri Pi

Install the OONI Lepidopter image:



Configure and Run Malaysian Test Deck

To be completed

Help review and improve Malaysian Test URL List

You can also help review the Malaysia list of website urls that we should test. Check if any website you think should be checked is missing, misfiled category or should be removed because the organization is no longer there.

Check if the categories are the Malaysian sites are listed as are correct

You can file github issue, or email us at


Running a probe on one of the networks already? Let us know. You can tag us on Twitter @sinarproject too

Feel free to email us at  or if you're on FB you can join our group and ask there too.