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Civic Hack Nights

Weekly civic tech development and knowledge sharing sessions to work on civic tech projects in Malaysia

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Civic Hack Nights #1
This is a weekly event where we will be a mix of short talk or knowledge sharing revolving Civic Tech, Real World issues and governance/policy in Malaysia.
Civic Hack Nights #2 "It's a Rebellion isn't it? I rebel!"
Accountable & Popit DB & API projects for government transparency and accountability
Civic Hack Night #3 "Sinar Project and chill ..."
Not sure what to do this Thursday evening? Why not come to Sinar to discuss and work on Civic Tech projects
Civic Hack Night #4: TGIF
Have nothing to do on a friday? Why don't you join our hack night! We will spend time hacking, getting idea of solution etc.
Civic Hack Nights #5: A Man, A Plan, A Canal – Panama!
We will explore and discuss the recently released Panama Leaks database, and it's relevance for corruption and transparency with datasets we have in Malaysia on politicians, GLCs and construction companies.

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