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Bill Watcher

Web application that allows Malaysians and Non-Malaysians to follow the status of upcoming bills in parliament and state assemblies.

What is Bill Watcher?

It is a web application that allows ordinary Malaysians and Non-Malaysians to follow, find and track the status of upcoming bills in the parliament and the state assemblies. Also, the web applications helps visitors to understand Malaysian representatives' legislative record. Bill Watcher openly shares the bills so that there will be other people who can build other applications or tools to help Malaysians and Non-Malaysians engage with the Malaysian government.

The Source Code

One of the tools that we use to make this Bill Watcher work is the source code. This source code is available in GitHubThe goal of this application is to notify bills that is being debated/recently passed bills in Malaysian Parliament. Instead of listing bills only, we also list all revisions of bills. We believe that would make things a lot easier.
Current features applied are as follows:
  • display bills in pdf
  • share on facebook and twitter
  • listing of recent bills passed or debated bills
  • RSS feeds
  • partial twitter support

Contact us

Our team based in Malaysia. We love discussing project ideas and challenges. Drop us a line at