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The project aims to empower citizens in general, and youths in particular, to monitor their local authority. They will report problems such as potholes, uncollected garbage and faulty street lights and upload to a website. Citizens will then monitor their local council’s response and comment if remedial action was satisfactorily taken.

Objectives of AduanKu

The biggest change is in making local councils more accountable to their ratepayers and this is where AduanKu comes in. Direct involvement of the public in matters that affect them on a daily basis is expected. Once they see the value of this direct involvement via improvements in the performance of local councils, they will be more aware of their rights and hopefully be more participative in issues of national interest. This model could also be replicated across several local councils. It could then be used as unofficial benchmark to compare performance across councils. Every citizen lives in locations governed by a local council – as such this problem affects every citizen.

How To Participate?

Report and update

File new reports, follow and update the status of existing ones around near you.

Volunteer as a moderator and forward official complaints to local councils

For local councils that are not implementing partners, we need residents associations and members of the public to help organize teams of volunteers to help moderate reports from the public and forward and track public reports to official complaint channels such as hotlines, or on-line forms such as Subang Jaya e-Aduan system.

Get your local council to participate

They can be part of the moderating team receiving reports, and filing incoming reports into their official systems.

Help map boundaries

For new councils, we need people to help draw political boundaries of each local council and their additional zones. This can be done using a web browser and a reference map. The system needs these boundaries to automatically detect which local council a report should go to.

For Developers

The system covers several technologies;
  • reporting form front end (html+css+javascript)
  • reporting back end (perl)
  • statistics visualization - we need better one
  • administrative back end (perl) - being rewritten in python/pyramid
  • mapit (django + postgis)
We are currently working on a fork and pushing upstream. It is in the process of being merged upstream, and we will then be able to work directly from Sinar cobrand folder in master repository.

Contact us

Our team based in Malaysia. We love discussing project ideas and challenges. Drop us a line at