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Service Support Subscriptions (Companies)

Help keep key services online and updated by subscribing to support service package

Sinar Project maintains a few key public database and document repository services. Companies can subscribe to an annual support subscription for maintenance and updates to these services for the year.

Additionally companies with subscriptions can choose to have their company logo and link displayed prominently on the pages of the services, as well as credited in presentation slides whenever Sinar presents at both local and international conferences for those specific services.

How can my company apply for a support subscription?

  1. Complete and submit this form
  2. We will send invoice via email within 1 business day
  3. Your logos will be updated on the project pages 

For further details or enquiries you can contact us at [email protected]

Sinar Services

Popit API

This public API service provides an API to a database of politicians, parliamentarians, government agencies and government owned companies and their interests in popolo-spec format. It currently powers applications such as UndiMsia's MyMP and Myanmar's Open Parliament website and mobile app. It is also used by transparency and anti-corruption researchers.


How Popolo backed database (Popit) can be reused in multiple ways for transparency


This public API service, provides an API that translates geolocation points to administrative boundaries such as parliamentary boundaries, state boundaries and local councils. It can be used to build applications that maps problems to specific local councils for example or map resources to parliamentary constituencies.


Parliamentary and Government Documents is a public service to make parliamentary documents and archives of government documents searchable and freely accessible online.


 Soalan 24 — Parliamentary Documents.png





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Parliamentary Documents

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