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We are currently out of stock on chmod t-shirts and will need to do another print run when things are less busy. If you've subscribed as a member, we are tracking all subscriptions and will post shirts as soon as they are available.

Help keep the momentum going!

When you contribute to Sinar Project as an associate member, you support the sustainability of the organization. As an organization that is dedicated solely to keeping public information transparent, accessible and uncensored while making Malaysian government accountable, improve governance and encourage better citizen engagement in the public affairs of the nation, our members are the fuel that keeps us going. With your help we can do more with existing projects, and start new ones. All of our work is and will always continue to be available freely (both as in teh tarik & freedom) for the public.

Become an associate member with monthly and annual subscriptions and help support the work of Sinar Project


Membership - Monthly Subscription

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Annual Membership

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Type of MembershipDonations in MYRBenefits

Mysterious Arab Donor


1 t-shirt

Major Supporter


1 t-shirt

General Supporter


1 t-shirt
Basic Supporter 100* 1 t-shirt
Student  50* Stickers

* Extra charge is required for international postage which you can check here


chmod -R 777 government


Benefits of being a member

Your membership sustains Sinar Project's work and public activism 365 days a year.

For security and privacy, your information is never shared, swapped or sold to other organizations.


  • Paypal - No additional steps needed. Make sure you picked the right shirt and state your size on on-line form
  • Via cash deposit/bank transfer - Kindly fill in your registration details here and then email with your payment details via the on-line payment method below and we will inform you when your free shirt is on it's way. Postage is via local and international registered post.


Cash Deposit/Bank Transfer Payment

Making monetary contributions to the Sinar Project is easy. You can make a bank transfer or deposit to the following account:

BANK    Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
BENEFICIARY    Sinar Project PLT
ACCOUNT    512307614259

To know more details or you have questions in mind, do email us at

Current Funding Status

We need at least RM2,500/month to keep our office and online services running.  Most funds are raised through project and institutional funding from international donors. The easiest way so provide funding support is via Paypal monthly subscriptions through the form on the right. Just 50 Malaysians contributing RM50 per month would enough to ensure a civic tech org is around with a place to work and take on projects as available.

SupportsGoalCurrent Monthly Membership Contributions
Remote hosting and local internet RM500 RM200
Office RM2500 RM200