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How to Contribute

How to join or help out Sinar Project


We need at least RM2,500/month to keep our office and online services running.  Most funds are raised through project and institutional funding from international donors. The easiest way so provide funding support is via Paypal monthly subscriptions through the form on the right. Just 50 Malaysians contributing RM50 per month would enough to ensure a civic tech org is around with a place to work and take on projects as available.

GoalCurrent Monthly Membership Contributions
Remote hosting and local internet RM500 RM110
Office RM2500 RM110

One Time Donations

Your kind support is still invaluable to keep the organization going in between project grants as well as supporting civil society organization partners and individuals that work on our projects to strengthen democracy, government transparency and protecting digital rights of Malaysians and other countries that can benefit from our work such as our contributions to our own and other free/open source software tools.

This year you can track our work through live public Trello Board of our workplan for 2018. 

 Our focus for 2018, is to put together a comprehensive 14th General Elections public candidate website for all state and parliamentary seats built upon our  open database and service for politically exposed persons and elected representatives in Malaysia, while upgrading tools to track governance issues with a rewrite of This effort enable us to be better informed in voting for our representatives, but also have a website to monitor their work after elections.

With poor archiving of on-line government documents, or even unavailability of key government documents, we will also introduce this year a public platform for government documents, building upon the experience of ongoing parliamentary documents project.

Small cash or in-kind donations are always welcome in support of our projects or our work.


We accept cash donations for general institutional support (staff pay, researcher staff, interns rent, utilties), as well as project specific support. When donating, please let us know which project it is for, or if it's a general donation by sending us an email at , or adding it as a note if doing it on-line.  All donation amounts and usage will be reported as they are used in respective project pages, and general donation usage will be tracked in institutional spending reports.

  • Anti-Corruption & Transparency tools and research
  • Digital Security - Workshops for at risk groups, USB keys, censorship tests
  • Parliamentary Replies work to put scanned documents of public written replies (not available from Parliament site) accessible to public. Various detailed answers are in these documents.
  • Social Audits & Open Spending - Empowerment of communities by holding government expenditure/plans accountable to local communities.


Online Donations

Making monetary contributions to Sinar Project is easy. You can make a bank transfer or deposit to the following account:

BANK    Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
BENEFICIARY    Sinar Project PLT
ACCOUNT    512307614259


You can also contribute monthly or annually and get some shirts and stickers.

Book Donations

View our Amazon Wish List to find books to donate. We also accept vouchers from major book retailers in Malaysia such as Kinokuniya, MPH and Popular.We are unable to accept damaged books, textbooks, non-trade publications and photocopies.


Tech and media equipment will help us to be more productive, and also improve outreach with media equipment. 

Our current wish list of equipment.

Partner with us

With our wealth of experience in building civic tech applications, partner with us when you need to research, implement or manage the development of online and digital projects for your NGO or government agency.

Information Source

Have you always wanted to be a detective or an investigative journalist? Or perhaps you may even be one! Either way, you can hone your skills and do a lot of public good by:

  • sharing data that is obtained in a legal manner - Sinar will be happy to host it for you
  • help to ferret out data from various sources (crowd source), and manually enter the datab
  • Government agencies can do a lot of good for the people as well as for itself by openly disclosing information. If you are from a government agency, feel free to contact us (link) for advice on how to make your data more accessible



Software developer

Some of our project have software to work on it. Some of the software is developed by us, others are software we adapted from upstream open source software. All project that uses software will have github link listed on their page. You can look at it. The easiest way for you to help is

  • Look at the github issue for that to see if there is anything that you want to help
  • Introduce tests to make our code more robust
  • As unittest is introduce into our server, you may help us find bugs and fix. 
  • If you have a very cool code that might be useful for our project. Ping us. This may be an app or scrapers. We might adopt it into our projects. 

System admin

You won't able to access our servers, but there is ways you can help us. Some of our service that uses software need to be setup. You can help us automate the setup, we plan to use ansible for this. Also we will also introduce vagrant into our project to make life easy for contributor. 

  • We will introduce ansible playbook in our repository. You may test it with vagrantfile we setup
  • You can also help us package our services in docker.  
It may not be much, but your help here can help make life easy for people that want to help our project. As the project adopted by other party, stuff that we automate can make it easier for adoption and development.


Membership (Individuals)


You can also contribute annually and get some shirts and stickers by becoming a contributing member.

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Annual Service Support Subscription (Companies)

Service Support Subscription

Companies can support by subscribing to an annual service support subscription.


Funding Status: RM 0/150,000


Funding Status: RM 0/12,000

Parliamentary Documents

Funding Status: RM 1,000/36,000


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