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Open Data in Constrained Environments

Innovative methods to make open data work in environments with limited government transparency, freedom of expression and restrictions to civil society

In this Malaysia public information, much less open data are often hard to come by and there are no legal frameworks such as Freedom of Information Acts to get access to such information. Furthermore there are restrictions on civil society and press freedom, limiting their capacity to make use of open data.It is proposed that innovative technology methods using open data can still be an enabler for greater transparency and governance in such environments.

Popit API & DB 

Popit is a central database for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and government organizations, committees and companies based on Popolo standards.

Being able to collaborate on a single database allows CSOs to put together hard to find information for better transparency in government and reusable data for their projects.

How Popolo backed database (Popit) can be reused in multiple ways for transparency

Joined Up Data for Transparency

With our work in Open Spending, Popit, Social Audits, FOI, Open Parliaments and Contracts we work to continually improve standards and tools that help with better governance and transparency that address the direct needs of the public. It holds decision makers accountable, while providing people with better transparency with getting access to them.

Joined Up Data

Malaysian CSO Open Data Portal

In constrained environments, CSOs work hard to get the information and data needed for their work. The Malaysian CSO Open Data portal is where they can share their data with others.