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Technology for Public Sector Transparency

The workshop event shall aim to facilitate learning for the audience to explore new ideas as well as to enhance existing initiatives that shall hold public officials accountable through the use of public information. The potential collaboration among the participants (as generated from the learning and discussion process during the held sessions) will also be expected from this event.

Sinar Project (SP) has been undertaking tech-based project in the area of public sector transparency in Malaysia. Using publicly available information and research, SP develop and maintain a large database of Malaysian Members of Parliament and other public officials together with other political issues that systematically linked for better functioning organization. One of the key features of the developed system is the function to generate a graphic map of politicians, organization as well as their linkage to a number of selected issues. The developed database allows users (e.g. civil society and journalists) to retrieve thorough and accurate information regarding these public officials (and the policies they issued) that would further be useful for running stories and some advocacy works.

Indonesia is presently anticipating its upcoming Regional Elections (Pilkada) which makes the issue of transparency becomes more important and relevant. The underlying key issue is how the public initiatives can hold the public officials accountable during and, of course, after the election. The work that SP has done is relevant to this notion.

It is known that a national initiative that monitors the Parliament members and their policies (Wiki DPR; is currently up and running. Apart from this, some CSO and media organizations are known to possess an extensive information database on public officials and other relevant issues that, unfortunately, are not commonly shared and interlinked.

With the proposed learning event, some key ideas in handling the issue of holding public officials accountable through the use of public information can be generated and explored further. A workshop event will be initiated to facilitate learning opportunities to explore the success, challenges encountered as well as potential replication and/or enhancement of the work of Sinar Project to the Indonesian context.

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10/21/2015 8:00 AM

10/21/2015 12:00 PM

Ken Wijayanti

Hotel Grandhika (Ruang Grand Wijaya) Jalan Iskandarsyah Raya No. 65 (seberang Pasaraya Grande, Blok M)



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